A preview of her autobiography “THE CELESTIAL TELEPHONE” by Jenifer Whisper

spiritworldBorn into a conservative family of seven, San Diego native Jenifer Whisper begins at an early age to have a relationship with the Spirit world which she thinks is normal. Little does she realize that not everyone has friends from the Spirit world to come and play with her as well as to guide and educate.

jenifer-header-image--logo-color-gradientTHE CELESTIAL TELEPHONE, by Musical Medium Jenifer Whisper, chronicles her life story as she deals with her family’s lack of understanding of her psychic gifts, her coming into her true power, and blossoming into a full-fledged spiritually aware Minister of New Thought who not only is psychic but also channels music from her Spirit guides and Hollywood Legends.

The first chapter, ‘HARD TIMES”, takes place when she is just a kid with four siblings one of which is her twin sister, Gerrie, born fifteen minutes before. The story begins with a conversation the twins have while still in their mother’s womb, which pretty much depicts their characters. The family of seven is made complete with their parents, Dennis and Laura Oliver. They are concerned for little Jenny who seems to be in her own little world of “Make Believe” or so the family thinks. They don’t have any idea or even a clue that Jenny by nature, is a born clairvoyant, who seems to be always seeing and talking about her invisible people complete with names she gives them. In turn, little Jenny cannot understand why she finds herself in trouble most of the time and why, she wonders, is she ridiculed, made fun of and even sent to her room at times for “telling lies,” “Little good sending Jenny to her room does,” disgruntled family members complain. “No sooner is she in her room then she starts all over again.”

Jenny loves her supernatural friends who love her back. They make her happy as they sing and dance with her and tell her how much they love her. Jenny, of course, doesn’t understand what is going on; she thinks everyone has the same experiences. She doesn’t realize people think she is different; to her the supernatural events that happen to her are real. The first few chapters in this autobiography discourses fully about these childhood happenings. Finally, her loving spirit playmates realizing how misunderstood Jenny is, decide to throw a veil over her for the time being.

Jenny’s life moves forward. Early on, she marries the man of her dreams, her “Prince Charming”! There are seven children born to her and her husband. Sadly the marriage ends when the issue of alcoholism starts to surface. Eighteen years later Jenny finds she is unable to live in the state of alcoholic vibration. When a divorce occurs, Jenny, feeling lost and bereft, goes on a search to find some kind of meaning for herself. She starts finding the answers she is looking for when she becomes involved in spiritual classes in metaphysics. Learning how to meditate gives her a whole new “reason for being” and finally how the super-natural life she once knew as a child comes back full circle as a musical medium.

Later on she becomes known as the “Song Whisperer”, who brings through songs from Hollywood legends like George Gershwin, Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe, Johnny Mercer, and many more. In addition, she has received messages from Hollywood celebrities like Shirley Temple, Princess Diane, and Walt Disney. Like Theresa Caputo, the Long Island medium, whom Jenifer greatly admires, Jenifer is able to give great comfort to people who have lost their loved ones.

Little Jenny, now a grown woman with the help of her spiritual friends comes full circle. She is thrilled to be reunited once again with her beloved super-natural friends. Thus a beautiful new love story begins. The how and what of it and how it all came about is detailed in her autobiography, “The Celestial Telephone”.

For these loving and mystical gifts that are bestowed upon her, Jenny is enormously grateful and happy. She thanks God profusely for the music.