garland-trans“There’s a saying in show business that the show must go on. What the Hollywood Stars (my stars above on the “other side”) have said to me repeatedly is that life continues on the other side when we pass over; the love goes on and the music goes on too. As George M. Cohan said to me ‘To think you die is a grave mistake!’ And from Judy Garland, on The Other Side, ‘Do not weep and lament the dead. Learn from us instead!’

Jenifer’s musical productions mirror this principle of continual progress too. With every show she produced over the years –which totaled about a dozen productions –they only got better and better. They contained more experienced actors, directors and funnier impersonators. This latest musical entitled “My Stars Above” from “her Stars Above” promises to be “nostalgia in all its glory” at a quality befitting the best Broadway show since the days of Vaudeville. You will hear new songs from Legendary Composers like Country and Western Star Patsy Cline, new patriotic ballads from George M. Cohan, and, of course, new and original Broadway-style tunes from the illustrious George Gershwin, Cole Porter and Johnny Mercer.

gershwin-piano1c-sepiaAs with every finale there’s a beginning and in this case it’s a humble beginning. She had been a meditator for two years where she experienced much healing. Learning to go into the silence brought her much peace and she learned to have compassion for herself and others. You can imagine how surprised she was when George Gershwin gave her a new name Jenifer Whisper. (READ MORE in “My Stars Above: The Musical”)

“During this meditation when I first heard from George Gershwin I was taken by surprise. He let me know I was going to be a musical medium for him and other composers. Processing this news in this first encounter with George Gershwin didn’t happen overnight. It took some time to sink in. The first song I received from him was entitled “Love is All There is”. Though I didn’t know it yet on a conscious level, what he had told me about becoming a “musical medium” was taking hold. With the first song he gave me I started to realize without a doubt that indeed I was a musical medium.”

The songs she receives from George Gershwin plus all the other composers come through her telepathically. Using this skill that she didn’t know she had is how they communicate with her. With a little clairvoyance and clairsentience (feeling nature) thrown in, she hears the rhythm, melody, the beat, and the lyrics.

“It all starts with a vibration in my solar plexus that feels like a bubble rising up in me, lifting me higher and higher to cloud nine. Is it any wonder that I enjoy channeling music from ‘My Stars Above’?”

Early Years
Rainbow Singers-cropped

Cast of Early Show-cropped
The Early Show: Rainbow Singers

“Never having done anything stage-wise, it took a lot of learning and training from my “Stars Above” as to how to go about doing this. With each musical production I did I got braver and bolder. In the early days of producing my shows I was reluctant to even come out on the stage and take a bow. Remember now, this was all brand new to me. I had no prior training stage-wise or other-wise. I was an amateur at this.”

Later Years

“Putting on these musicals, I developed more and more confidence. And I began to appear on stage in my own productions. Pictures and videos of some of them are on the slideshow at the top of this page. ENJOY!
Grateful for all the Help

Jenifer and John Dunkerley-orig-cropped
Jenifer with John Dunkerley
John Dunkerley

“I am forever thankful to the people that showed up to help me – John Dunkerley, the fabulous piano player, who took the music that I had sometimes hummed or sang into a cassette and translated it into notes on sheet music. What a magician he was and still is. Before you know it we were staging musicals together.”

Rosemarie Ballard

“Rose Marie Ballard came in to direct some of my shows. Later, Baruti served as director. These people had the expertise I didn’t have, with their background and experience in show business. Spirit was leading me all the time. To ask this person or another person for assistance. They all said “Yes”. I was surprised. I am sure Spirit was leading all of them too. The prayer work that I did to bring this all about was tremendously helpful, I’m sure, to bring this all into fruition. It all worked together for the highest good in all our lives. I am grateful to all of them. God Bless you.”

“Below is a historical list of my shows to date.”



  • Vim Voom Voodoo – August 14-16 1978 (received from Gershwin)
  • Vim Voom Voodoo – 1981 (second production of the show)
  • The Broadway Express – 1985 (received from George M. Cohan)
  • The Broadway Express – June 17, 1989
  • My Stars Above – July 1993 (received from George Gershwin)
  • An Act of Love (received from George Gershwin)
  • Company, Hollywood Heaven – 1989 and Sept 20, 2000 (received from Johnny Mercer)
  • My Stars Above – 2002
  • I Am Your Red, White, and Blue – 2002 (received from George Cohan & Irving Berlin)
  • Cosmic Honey – August 11, 2007
  • Christmas Love Show – December 2013

Some notes on the good people who have helped me:

ROSEMARIE BALLARD‘s: (Director) love of theater dates back to the age of three. She is Artistic Director and Founder of Imagination Express ALL-ABOARD and Mime Company, and co-owner of Productions4u. She sits on the board of the Actors Alliance of San Diego. She is a professional impersonator known for her impersonation of Chaplin, Carmen Miranda, Mae West and Connie Francis. Her specialty is Mime, but she is also a dancer, singer and Clown . As Carmen Miranda, she enjoyed a special performance at the table of President and Mrs. Gerald Ford at the Marriott Hotel and an audience of 1,200 at the Bob Hope Classic Ball, both in Palm Springs. Her mime character Sweetheart was featured on a American Greeting Valentines Card, a REAL CARD!
She has performed and taught all across the United Stated, parts of Mexico and Canada.

BARUTI received recognition as the first African-American actor in the Philadelphia Drama Guild / Royal Shakespeare Company of London’s production of TWELFTH NIGHT. This was followed by the 1st musical he wrote and composed “Will They Ever Love Us on Broadway?” with the Baruti Players Off-Broadway, NYC which aired on PBS-Television to critical acclaim! BARUTI has written 7 full-length musicals; 1 TV series,1 Las Vegas revue; 5 CD audio-books and has performed in over 35 productions for stage & screen from Carnegie Hall to the Disney Channel, LA to the Shanghai Westin in China.

DON MORGAN, Musical Director, arrived in San Diego the day after Christmas 1988. Don has spent his whole life in the field of music. His love and positive energy permeates the show “Company, Hollywood Heaven.”

SYLVIA ISELY-AGUILERA is the lovely woman who did a fabulous job directing the 2013 Christmas Love Show. Sylvia and JACK NALBANDIAN at the piano were a dynamic twosome. They made the show shine.