My Stars Above, The Musical

Playbill Cover-stars-above

A Musical Extravaganza in a Prologue and 3 Acts. Script, lyrics and music by Jenifer Whisper with up to 18 cast members. May be alternately produced as a one- or two-act musical with a minimum cast of 4 actors/singers.

Originally received from George Gershwin. First version: Premiere 1993 / Revival 2002


‘My Stars Above’, one of a dozen Broadway-style musicals written by Jenifer Whisper, promises to be a “Best of” show containing Jenifer’s star studded list of Hollywood Celebrities and Legendary Composers from her ‘Stars Above’ in all categories of music, dance and story telling. It chronicles the development of Miss Whisper as a musical medium and how her music changed her and the people who heard it too. Clairvoyant since childhood, San Diego native Jenifer Whisper not only received the songs –both melody and lyrics –but also received the script for this uplifting and energetic 90 minute musical.

Musical Numbers

Channeling Through The Night
The Other Side
The Other Side2
Rainbow of Love
Get Up and Dance
New Show with New Soul
The Broadway Express
The Miss You Baby Blues
Prime Time
Hey Honey Bunch / Do You Love Me a Lot or Do You Not?
Cowboys and Indians
Jazz Pro version of Do You Love Me?
Vim Voom Voodoo
Song Writers Dream
The Garland Theme
Jazz Pro version of The Broadway Express
That Game is Over
A Simple Case for Liberty
Jazzy Version of When You Say I am an American
I am Your Red White and B-L-U-E
It’s Over
Champagne on Ice
You’re My Beloved (Country Style)
Life Was Me
Jenifer This Thing You Do
Holiday of Joy
My Stars Above
Was it All Because (vocal)
Was it All Because
I am Your Red, White and B-L-U-E 2
An Act of Love

CAST Members

Jenifer Whisper, Musical Medium
John Dunkerley, the Pianist who served as a Midwife for all this wonderful music.
George Gershwin, the first great composer to visit her and give her music and all her ‘Stars Above’ who followed
Cole Porter
Nat King Cole
Victor Herbert
Marilyn Monroe
Jerome Kern
Miss Judy Garland
George M. Cohan
Irving Berlin
Fred Astaire
Elvis Presley
Jimmy Hendrix
Johnny Mercer
Walt Disney
John Wayne
Hank Williams
Patsy Cline