starsabove1b-600‘My Stars Above,’ a Broadway-style musical, which has been described as “fresh, novel, and inspired” by theater goers, chronicles the development of Jenifer Whisper as a musical medium and how her music changed her and the people who heard it too.

Psychic since childhood, San Diego native, Jenifer Whisper not only received the songs –both melody and lyrics – but also received the script for this uplifting and energetic 90 minute musical.

How it all began…

Jenifer-then1-meditatejpgImagine what happens to you when you’re living your life as usual, doing the things in your life as you normally do, plus getting over a divorce, and adding to it a mix of some newly learned spiritual practices involving meditation, prayer, and positive affirmations.

So, if you will, please, see the following picture in your mind. You are in your room sitting on your bed in the lotus position deep in meditation when suddenly you are interrupted by the sound of a knock on your front door. Upon answering you are surprised to find no one is there. While resuming your meditation, you suddenly hear your name being called. This is exactly what occurred to Jenifer one day.

Answering she said……”Hello, did I just hear someone call my name?” “Yes you did, Jenny. It’s me, George Gershwin.” “Oh, I’m sure,” Jenifer said in a sarcastic tone. “George Gershwin, as in Rhapsody in blue?” “Yes, Jenny, that’s right, That’s who.” Here’s how Jenifer tells it – a video clip excerpted from her 2009 interview on Fox News 6, San Diego:

Georgegershwin-258In the early 70’s that knock on the door and the conversation that followed with George Gershwin completely changed the course of her life, and all for the better, Jenifer adds. During that meditation Mr. Gershwin informed Jenny that she is the one chosen to be a musical medium for legendary composers now residing on the “Other Side”. And he, Gershwin, would be the first of many to give her music. In fact, it was Gershwin, to Jenifer’s surprise, who gave her the name Jenifer Whisper…’Whisper because ‘I have been whispering in your ear since you were a child.’ “(I was a precocious 7-year old in the year George Gershwin died.) He even told me that the name change would be so easy. And as it turned out, it was! It happened almost at the blink of an eye. I didn’t even have to hire a lawyer. It was uncomfortable, transitioning from Genevieve Kunde (my then legal name) to Jenifer Whisper, but I became more and more at home with my new name as time passed.”

Some forty years later, Jenny realizes what George Gershwin had told her had all come true. The first song she channeled from Gershwin was “Love is all there is”, and enclosed in this little song was a lesson he wanted her to learn. “When you learn to love yourself first, is when your really learn how to love someone else.” This was really an eye opener for Jenifer as she had never heard of this from her Catholic background. This song, with it’s simple little lesson, came to her in the nick of time as she had been going through a difficult divorce over an issue of alcoholism, an addiction her husband didn’t seem to want to end. Enduring all the ups and downs happening in her life at the time, Jenny wasn’t feeling that much self esteem, so all in all this first song channeled from Gershwin proved to be a blessing for her. The valuable lesson she was given in this song began to affect every phase of her life.

Everything associated with this music she receives from her ‘Stars Above”, Jenifer insists, comes with the utmost loving, kind vibration they fill her with, lifting her to Cloud Nine! Jenifer claims she’s in heaven when she is gifted with songs she receives from her “Stars Above”. The other songs that came from George Gershwin include: “Channeling in the night”, “My Stars Above”, “Act of Love”, “New Show with New Soul”, and “Vim Voom Voodoo”. The titles of each of these songs became full-blown musicals, complete with scripts given to her.

All of this music channeled through her inspired Jenifer to put on performance after performance to get the message across that her “Stars Above” want us to know that we don’t die and the musicals are meant to heal and eliminate the “fear of death”. They declare that “The Music goes on! The Love goes on! We all go on!”

coleporter-258After George Gershwin, Cole Porter gave Jenifer a few lovely love ballads: “You’re My Beloved”, “Was it all Because”, to mention a few.

These songs all came with a healing vibration. For instance, she tells “I’d be in a love relationship which might have lasted three years or so, then would come the break-up. Ouch, how that hurt! Then I’d receive a song from Mr. Porter that would simply evaporate all that hurtful emotional turmoil.” Jenifer still wonders to this day how Cole Porter knew what she’d been going through.

Johnny_Mercer-older2-250One day while driving, Jenifer encountered Johnny Mercer. Something was happening that caught her eye. She was mesmerized for a few seconds as she watched someone or something come in through the window which was open only 2 inches.

superman-booth1This someone, however, was not in 3-D. He looked like a flattened piece of cardboard in the shape of a person! A 2D-man! This person abruptly and amazingly seated himself in the passenger seat, and with these words told Jenifer, “Hi, Jenifer, I’m Johnny Mercer; I have a new song for you entitled “Company, Hollywood Heaven”, and a new show you will produce with the same name. I will dictate both through you.” Then just like, that he disappeared into thin air! Jenifer drove to the nearest telephone booth as she was already hearing the music in her head; she needed to telephone herself and record it on her message machine. This soon became a common occurrence for Jenifer (as it was for Superman), for she never knew when she would be on the receiving end of a new song coming through her again.
Click PLAY button below to hear snippets of songs from “Company, Hollywood Heaven” and “My Stars Above” (excerpted from Jenifer’s Fox News 6 San Diego interview with Jenifer, show director Rosemarie Ballard and singer Georgi Streetman). Go to VIDEOS to watch the complete interview.

One lovely summer day as Jenifer was happily driving down Interstate 8, she started to cry, and having no reason in the world to cry, she instantly realized it was not her crying. It was someone else crying through her. It was her good friend, Judy Garland. Jenifer knew Judy had been trying to contact her again, and being so busy, she simply had not taken the time to sit down and listen. Judy wanted to tell her story through Jenifer and to give her some songs.

“The Garland Theme” was one, “Life was me” another, and there were many more as well. A truly wonderful lesson Judy gave her which Jenifer has never forgotten was “Not to just have “involved relationships” but rather have an “evolved relationship.” “If you could do this”, Judy told her, “you would achieve a lot more peace of mind when involved in a evolved relationship.” Listen to Jenifer singing “The Garland Theme”:

Irving Berlin
Irving Berlin
George Cohan
George Cohan

George M. Cohan and Irving Berlin have given Jenifer wonderful toe tapping patriotic songs just like the kind of music they were known for a long time ago. “A Simple Case for Liberty” from George M. and “I am your Red, White, and Blue” from Irving Berlin to name a few.

Watch a video clip from a production of “I Am Your Red, White and Blue”:

Through the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s, Jenifer has received approximately 100 songs and several musicals. She continues to receive more music and inspiration in the new millennium. There’s just so much material, so much music, and ‘oh gosh’ so many lessons to be learned.

Here are two fantastic quotes that Jenifer loves and treasures: This one from George M. Cohan: “To think you die is a grave mistake!” Another one from Judy Garland: “Do not weep and lament the dead, learn from us instead!”

Jenifer’s shows are designed to entertain and to educate. Let the upbeat music and story of Jenifer Whisper’s life in ‘My Stars Above’ move you to greater heights of understanding and well-being. It will move your soul and shake your whole being!

CLICK HERE to find out more about the musical – whether because you might be interested in producing the show or because you’re simply curious – you’ll learn about the story, the songs, and the cast.