…and sing along, if you wish

Click the Play Button to sample some of the more than 100 songs Jenifer has received from her “Stars Above”. You’ll hear a good many of them in Jenifer’s forthcoming “My Stars Above, The Musical”. ENJOY!

An Act Of Love John Dunkerley George Gershwin
Champagne On Ice Eddy J. Lemberger Cole Porter
New Show With New Soul John Dunkerley
Broadway Express Roberta Zito George M. Cohan
Cowboys And Indians John Dunkerley John Wayne
Do You Love Me A Lot Or Do You Not? John Dunkerley
Miss You, Miss You, Baby Blues Kyle Kltaz Johnny Mercer
Holidays of Joy   Christmas-tree-clip-art-50 Eddy J. Lemberger Lyrics:Jenifer Whisper
Music: Eddy J. Lemberger