Message from James Brown

Saturday morning, August 2nd, 2014  I attended the movie “Get on Up: The Life Story of James Brown.” Here is a message I received from him the following day.


JamesBrownpic4I’m in town, Jenifer, surrounding movie goers with my music. Hope you like it.
That was me doin’ my thing
on the movie screen.
Bringin’ it through,
makin’ your feet move
and your body groove.
“He was his own worst enemy”
I heard you speak these words Chris,
and that’s right I agree,
and I’ll even add one more thing.
I was my own worst friend too!
Such a HELL of a thing to be.
So many un-rights done unto me
as a little chil’.
Growing up gave me so many moods–
up in the mawnin’, down at night. Get my drift?
The POET’s MIND can understand
what I’m sayin’ here.
I fell into the trap of “un-suspect”
(meaning whoops, I didn’t see
that one comin’) and sabotage.
Some things I did
to others were mean,
stupid, shameful and often uncalled for.
I apologize people from the deepest vibration
lodged in my heart.

JamesBrownpic4bJENIFER SPEAKING: As I am dictating this message from James Brown. He put a picture in my mind of an accordion squeezed as tight as an accordion can possibly get, signifying to me that he’s squeezing me in a hug as hard as it could be. James was so grateful that he could give a message through me to share with others.
“That you can do this, Jenifer, pleases the Great James Brown no end,” he just told me.
Jenifer, you were not even aware of the music I did.
I’m not a Gershwin, Cole Porter, or Fred Astaire,
like some of your “Legend-natic composers.”
However, it’s music,
mine and theirs.
And in the long run
it’s all good.
revealing, and reverent
that it can all be heard.
Oh, my word,
Oh my word,
Oh my word!
I’m glad I’m being heard.

through Musical Medium Jenifer Whisper

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