According to Jenifer…


Meditation is my cup of tea

Meditation is something I have always looked forward to doing. When I first started many years ago I realized how advantageous it was. I began noticing how I was receiving a lot of mental, physical and emotional healing deep within my being. It helped release my anguish and my fears as well as any despair I might be feeling. For me meditation is my precious get-away. It’s like a journey I take home to the Father’s house. When I enter the silence where all is serene, quite and peaceful I feel I’ve been transported to paradise and I believe that indeed, there is a heaven. I feel such bliss and harmony. I get so high I feel like I’m on cloud nine. Meditation was and still is my haven and my Shangri-La! Even now, after all these years who knows? Maybe when I turn on and tune in, I’m like a meditation junkie. Well, whatever it is and whatever it does. It’s my cup of tea.



gershwin-piano2-sepiaOn this one particular day, gosh, it seems so long ago now, I had a tremendous extraordinary experience. I had just completed lighting my candle, finished firing up the incense and switched on my favorite meditation music. Then I was ready, sitting on my bed in my favorite lotus position, I started letting myself go into that deeper realm of silent consciousness that I love so much. I’d been meditating about ten minutes when I thought I heard someone knocking on the front door. Getting up I opened the door I was surprised to find no one there, so I continued to do my meditation. Quite suddenly I heard a voice in my mind say…



JENNY: Oh, my, did I just hear some one say hello?

GEORGE G: Indeed you did. It’s me, George Gershwin.

JENNY: (Answers in a smart-alecky sarcastic tone of voice). Oh, I’m sure, George Gershwin as in “Rhapsody in Blue?”

GEORGE G: That’s right Jenny, that’s who!

JENNY: My Stars Above! How can this be?

GEORGE G: (Incredulous and repeating). “My Stars Above” Oh my, Jenny, did you hear what you just said? What better way to explain it. I like it, yes, I like it very much! You are so creative! What a good idea, and it’s so practical. From now on please refer to me and all the other composers who will be giving you music as “My Stars Above” And indeed all of us, known, as your “Stars Above” are the ones you will be receiving music from over here on the “Other Side” It will all begin with me I’m here today to tell you all about it.

JENNY: (Stammering). What! I don’t understand any of this! Whatever do you mean?

GEORGE G: Jenny you will be receiving the music telepathically. It will be from my mind to your mind, and please Jenny, call me George, won’t you? There are a whole lot of us yearning to give you music from where we are. It will be new music we give through you. You see Jenny, when we got here on the “Other Side we made an astonishing discovery. We hadn’t died! That this thing called death is one big lie! We want to let everyone know that our love goes on! Our music goes on! And all of you will all go on!

JENNY: (arguing). Oh, wait a minute now, Mr. Gershwin, I mean George. Now I see what’s happening, now I get it, that is, if you really are Mr. George Gershwin. You’ve made a mistake. You’re talking to the wrong person. I’m sure the person you want to contact is my older sister, Madelen, who plays the piano quite well, and sings beautifully too, she’s the one with the musical talent not me. The only thing I know about music is the way I love and appreciate it.

GEORGE G: Yes, of course you’re right, Jenny. I agree with everything you say about your sister. However, my dear one, you are musically gifted as well.

JENNY: Me? Oh, no I don’t think so.

GEORGE G: Jenny, you’ve been blessed with many spiritual gifts. Telepathy is one, receptivity another. You hear from the world of spirit so well and we are certain if we give you our music you won’t attempt to change it in any way.

JENNY: (attempting to understand). Receptivity and telepathy what in heck is that?

GEORGE G: Oh Jenny, there are so many things you don’t know yet about yourself and your life’s purpose, but it won’t be long until you learn all about your soul’s musical connection with spirit. In your diligent practice and love for meditation, you have come to a place where you have made an outstanding break-through.

JENNY: (echoing) An outstanding breakthrough? Oh lord, now I know I must be going bonkers!

GEORGE G: (chuckles) Not to worry, Jenny, you’re not going bonkers. You see what you and I are engaged in right now is a thing called think-talking. We are able to do this because you are a super sensitive, extrasensory person, and always have been, since you were a little girl. When you were seven years old and I was thirty-seven years old, I seemingly died and went to the Other Side, and ever since that time I‘ve been grooming you to be our musical medium. We’re all born with a purpose and a mission to accomplish. Musical mediumship is your purpose and your mission. You are the one qualified and designated to be our Song Whisperer!

This experience with George Gershwin who introduced himself to me in a meditation happened over thirty years ago. I happily discovered that what he was telling me about the music was true. I did start receiving music from him and my other ‘STARS ABOVE’ just as he proclaimed.

The very next day after my conversation with Mr. George Gershwin, I started hearing music in my mind. The first song given to me was a simple little waltz but it didn’t seem simple to me at first. Hidden in this simple song he was giving me was a lesson. The lesson contained in the song was FIRST YOU HAVE TO LOVE YOURSELF. The idea of loving myself first was not a familiar idea to me. I had learned about loving others, but I didn’t know about loving myself and doing it first! It felt outrageous to me. Is it no wonder I had a little trouble in my mind figuring out the message tucked in this song he was giving me. The lesson that he was teaching me is that when you first learn to love yourself is when you truly know how to love another. The name of that first song he gave me is


This story of Jenifer’s encounter with her ‘Stars Above’ –beginning with George Gershwin –continues in greater detail in her autobiography that she is writing.