Walt Disney Message

Greetings, dear ones, from the “Other Side”

What “Other Side” a few of you might ask, and then again there are some of you who know that the “Other Side” is the place where we all come back to when we seemingly die. “The Other Side” is a place called home.
Perhaps you remember me. Walt Disney.

I am in the land of light now, and I greet you from a world that knows no pain or suffering. I am truly in the Magic Kingdom now, the land of my dreams.

buddhamouse330x440Know yourself as I did. Allow your natural gift of creativity to flow through you. As the painter paints images on canvas, paint your own thoughts on the mirror of eternity. In that mirror, I saw Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Pluto and Donald Duck and his family, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and all the others at the outer reaches of my mind reflecting the inner love I felt for all of life while on the earth plane. My ideas as I expressed them allowed my emotions to be expressed to everyone. Don’t hold back, but look within yourself for your own expression of life’s gifts. All are talented in their own way, and I urge you to seek those talents as I did and express them. For it is through your own God given expression you can be uniquely you.
Through my gift of imagination and through my gifted psychic medium, Jenifer Whisper, who telepathically allows this to happen I want to show all of you I still live on.
I would like to gift all of you on the earth plane with another WALT DISNEY CREATURE, ANOTHER WALT DISNEY FEATURE CALLED “BUDDHA MOUSE!” who even comes equipped with his own song for you to sing.
Love to all,
Walt Disney, who telepathically channels music messages and the story of BUDDHA MOUSE, through psychic, Musical Medium JENIFER WHISPER.