Message from Robin Williams

Jenifer Whisper (medium for Spirit). Dear Darling Robin, Oh, honey what happened?

ROBIN WILLIAMS : First a light so bright that snip, snap, quick
a pair of shades
clicked, covering my eyes
so I could function in Paradise

(An experience similar to Dorothy in Oz when her red shoes were snapped on).

A welcome home party the likes of which I have never seen or felt before.

RobinWilliams_(USGov)_crop-400Love surrounding me
sheltering me
encountering me,
encouraging me
I was HOME! I am home now!
I never want to leave.
I didn’t laugh
I could only cry
as I felt the hell etched
so deeply in my being, quell.
And in its place came rest and release
and a feeling of supreme bliss.
Now I know there is a heaven
all the hell has gone,
dismissed in love and light!
You will cry for me I know
but please know I’m happy and at peace
Be happy for me.

Oh, yes a PS
I am not dead
I’m alive so fully alive,
there ain’t no death
please believe me,