Message from the Spirit of Nat King Cole through Jenifer Whisper, Musical Medium

Nat King Cole
Legendary American Singer Nat King Cole

Hello all,

I’m one of Jenifer Whisper’s Channel-lees as well, and because of her and the musical artists she continually works with, meaning us here on the Over Side, we are introducing a new word into the world. How do you like it? “CHANNELEE” Yes Indeed, we are Jenifer’s Channel-lees and she is our Channeler……Our very own Musical Medium!

Many of you remember me, I’m pretty sure, Nat King Cole.

It’s good to be included on the band wagon in this bright new way of telling it like it is with all of Jenifer Whisper’s Stars Above.

It’s true, Jenifer only has ears for us. Yes, she hears and she listens as well, as we deliver our new songs and messages through her, so we can let you all know, that we are all still alive over here on the “Other Side.”

We’re still happily doing the thing we do best, ENTERTAINMENT! While there on Planet Earth, this of course, was the business we were in. Show Business! I want to take the time, right now, to thank all of you for buying all those tickets you did so you could see us and hear us in person, not that long ago.

It’s a funny thing to say, I know, but you see, whether there on earth or where we are now here on the other side, we still enjoy doing what we do the best in both places. I call it Blessed, Heavenly Geography. And the best part of all of this, is, we never run out of audiences. “Behold Audiences Everywhere, no matter where!”

My old buddy, Johnny Mercer, has coined a novel way of explaining and expressing it in “Hollywood Heaven.” He not only wrote this musical, mind you, but gave Jenifer a song (of the same name) to go with it. It tells all about us, over here and what we do. Talk about brilliance! and Jenifer, with her ability as a Musical Medium, performed it there where you all are, a while back.

The title of the song I gave Jenifer, to put in the new “Hollywood Heaven” epic, was “It’s Over, It’s Over.” Both Johnny Mercer and I knowing Jenifer so well, knew about what was occurring in her private life, and wanted to help her out when we could.

In a few love relationships she had we gave her hints in the lyrics and music as well about what was going on with her in the given moment. As we channeled our songs through her, we added our own little healing spice to the mix, pouring deep, abiding, healing love into her open wounds, and by God, instead of having to endure the heartache, and the deep emotional and lasting pain that normally accompanies a broken romance, she could feel herself astonishingly being healed on all levels of her being. She didn’t have to go through, or bother with, the hurting aspect levels of her emotional self at all. We convinced her telepathically as well, that these romances so to speak, were merely part of her emotional and deep-soul learning experiences. Actually, it was a level of self-growth experience. For instance, she was thoroughly learning what worked for her and what didn’t work! A mighty lesson we’ve all gone through at times on some levels of our lives, don’t you see?

A song I gave Jenifer entitled “Its over, it’s over!” will be featured in her upcoming musical “Angels on Broadway” in the works as we speak.


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