A Message from the Victims of 9/11


For September 11, 2014
A 9/11, Message Received from Spirit Most High.

Hello Dear Ones on Planet Earth:

I am Jenifer Whisper. I am a spiritual medium for the Spirit world. I am also known as the Song Whisperer.

While watching and appreciating the lovely, presentation of the 9/11 ceremonies presented a few years ago on TV, I asked if there was someone from the “Other Side” who would want to give America, a message, on this special remembrance morning of 9/11.

Instantly, in my mind’s eye I saw all of the many, many people who were seemingly lost on that memorable day thirteen years ago.

Speaking as one collective voice the Spirit world gave me this message to relay to everyone:

Yes, dear ones, we are here in full regalia honoring all of you as well. The total reminiscences of 9/11/2001 that you all are celebrating today moves us deeply. It is beyond description.

Being honored in this way is a splen-differous thing and it works both ways. You, are honored as well and we will never forget you, our families, our relatives, our friends


america-libertyIt is said that we died for our country. No way! Let us correct you, please. We lived for our country honoring her in the best way possible. Those of you who get that no one ever dies are far ahead of those who still struggle, labor, and despair and think we die; well it is simply not true! It is not so! Beloved ones we DO NOT DIE!

Over here on the “Other Side” we thrive, we learn, we glow as we grow in understanding why things happen the way they do.

We comprehend in glorious ways that we all come to earth with a mission, a purpose that we are to do, behold and complete.

For any of you who may think we died aimlessly and for no reason at all is a futile miss-impression! We beg you to go beyond any limited thinking, misunderstandings, and withered eons ago comprehensions! Indeed these are the things that need to be done away with.

Instead, why not expand your minds! Broaden them! Endeavor to get a brand-new “out of the ordinary” Meta-physic-cal point of view. META: MEANING –to go far BEYOND the PHYSICAL LEVEL.

For example, sing these words in your head “Somewhere over the Rainbow” it could, very well be, META because you are going way over the rainbow. Do you understand?

In addition, and this is the best of the best part. Deeply embedded within you is the META! Unwrap it! Open it! It is a holy gift! Yes, open to the mystical aspects of your being and allow it to infold you and surround you in a deeper love, a deeper sensitivity, and a most wholesome awareness.

Don your coat of many colors– colors depicting a brilliant rainbow –and if you let it happen we promise you it will take away the unquenchable storms and the thundering unspeakable grief and sorrows you have created in your thoughts, and within, your broken hearts.

Any of you who are still deeply entrenched in this grieving process, change your tactics. In other words celebrate you and your loved ones purpose for having been born. Let it not go to waste. Please let the meaning of all we are telling you in this message from over here where we are, heal your thoughts, your hearts, and your souls totally and completely.

Let the sadness go! This morning let the mourning go! Let go of all of the grief and deep sadness that totally consumes you. Why not let it be a MORNING GLORY OF PURPLE (The utmost spiritual color there is.) Allow this one deep color of the rainbow PURPLE clothe you Let it costume you, in its splendor. Immerse yourselves in it! Let it in! Let it infuse you; let it saturate your body, heart, and soul! Let it baptize you, bless it with your consent, your permission and continue to do it, and do not give up!

Be consistent!

Be faithful!

Be mindful!

If you will please, allow this new awareness and new perceptions, we are blissfully sharing with you, uplift you and consume you. Please surrender to the positive words we are unfolding here for you.


Hear it!

Pay attention!

Using your own God-given authority, speak your word and address these negative thoughts, fears and ideas that are more than willing to give you heavy, unmerciful, arguments. Perhaps you might want to speak these words kindly and with full intent.

“Out With You! All the negative thoughts I have concerning death. You are now blessed, healed and forgiven, in love and light, and free to go!”

That’s right invite the negatives out! Your mind is your own. Own it. Use your God-given gift of choice you are holy endowed with. Let your choice assist you. “LET THE SUNSHINE IN”!

P.S. Dear ones: We make a place for you and joyfully wait your arrival. When you journey home, you too will know the deeper aspects of life and more life. There is no death! Jesus, one of the greatest teacher/healer of all times taught us all about ETERNAL LIFE! First, he learned it for himself: A learning given from his Father, God.

P.S. Now it is our turn to learn, and keep on learning. The learning never ends, so always avail yourself if you will to higher learning and understanding.

Another P.S. Rather addressing us as victims, of 9/11 we prefer you call us “THE CELEBRATED, LEGENDARY, HOLY WARRIORS”!