Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher Channeled via Medium Jenifer Whisper

All day yesterday I have been feeling your vibrations Debbie Reynolds. Do you have something you’d like to say?  I’m ready when you are.


The Spirit of Hollywood stars Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher channel a message through Musical Medium Jenifer Whisper.


Debbie Reynolds :  Thank you, Jenifer.

She was my light in the fortress, my precious Carrie. Her energy made me feel protective. She exuded her love to me constantly.  Never giving up on me ever!  I’m sorry I just knew I couldn’t exist without her energized, vital vitality in my life.  Where she was going I had to go too.

I know what a broken heart means.  I’ve had mine broken so many many times.  You only need to look at my history to know that. But this….it was just too much!  … my poor heart couldn’t handle it! This was the last straw so to speak.  Once upon a lifetime maybe two or three, Carrie and I were Siamese twins. This description describes, right on, the kind of bond we had. Not only were we conjoined twins, we shared a conjoined powerful heart and soul connection. It was the same kind of soul connection we shared in this lifetime that can never be torn asunder.  We were the “Hip” sisters.  The kind of bond that can never be broken or assimilated or taken apart.  Glued together at the seams — that was her and me.  When she was a little girl, she would act out the characters I was playing in the particular movie I was acting in at the time.  “The unsinkable Molly Brown” was my favorite.  I laugh to this day thinking of it. She was herself “the unsinkable Molly Brown” playing this part in her own  movie of her life.  No wonder she was so strong.  This aspect of herself was undeniable.  She always came up for life and more life, never drowning in her sorrows.  All it would take was one big breath and she’d surface time and time again. This happened over and over again. When I’d suffer over this or that she’d say, “ Come on, Mom, you can do it. I’m here to see that you do it. Hear me Mom!  You’re not the great Debbie Reynolds for nothing.  You stand for something!  You stand for everything! Your beauty, your energy your stamina! Your take on life! This is you! This is who you are!”

Yes, this was my Carrie who coached and carried through for me with some pretty tough assignments I was given to tackle. She was and still is my lucky charm in every which way. Always ready to assist me in every golden moment.  Everyone should be so lucky to have a teacher like her.  A master teacher! I love her so. I was her shadow not the other way around. I leaned on her knowing somewhere somehow she was my Angel guide. Always setting me straight to get up and get back on the path of life. The life I was destined for. She was the real movie star! A writer! A princess! With a head on her shoulders straight from the beginning.  Yes, she is, not was, but is, my real, live, precocious Princess!  I’m going on and on with her.  My precious Carrie at my side.  On my side! Forever more! No one could ever stop me!

I am and remain a grateful, happy Debbie Reynolds.

Thank you for being here for me, Jenifer. I’m ever so happy how you transfer this message I give to the world.


Carrie Fisher speaks:

Help me, Dear God, I thought, with a filled heart and deep desire. I can’t do this without my Mom. I need her to be here with me.  One more suffering for her to go through, and only God and I, knew how many sufferings there had been. I knew she would not be able to tolerate, or handle the passing of me in any kind of way.

This deep-heartened, forsaken, desperate plea, from my heart-felt deep desired, intention, was honored and delivered instantaneously to the most beloved Star Master, Maker who ever was.  There could never be any Star War argument with me on that score whatsoever. My beloved mother, you all know as Debbie Reynolds, appeared to me. Right by my side, right here! Right now! Thank you Dear God!  I’m in heaven and My Mama has joined her heart’s love-energy with mine. That dear friends, on planet Earth, is how quick the loving force can make it happen!  And may the Force of Love be true to your intent as well.  Love, Carrie

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