Getting to know her…

Jenifer Then and Now

  • Mother of seven children
  • Spiritual mystic, teacher of metaphysics and degree holder in Ministerial Science
  • Channeler of over 50 messages from her many ‘Stars Above’
  • “Song Whisperer” or Composer of about 50 new and original songs from her many ‘Stars Above’
  • Producer and writer of a dozen musical theater shows given to her by her ‘Stars Above’

San Diego native Jenifer Whisper, is a woman with a very unique talent. She is a musical medium who channels music from celebrated composers from the other side whom she refers to as her “Stars Above” She has received many beautiful songs from famous songwriters such as George Gershwin, Irving Berlin, George M. Cohan and Cole Porter, Judy Garland and Jimi Hendrix and even Marilyn Monroe just to name a few.

George Gershwin
Irving Berlin
George Cohan
Cole Porter
Judy Garland
Jimi Hendrix
Marilyn Monroe

These celebrities have convinced her that they are still singing, dancing and constantly composing new music. They have let her know that she is blessed with a gift of clairvoyance, receptivity and telepathy. Through her they have given romantic ballads and show tunes reminiscent of New York musicals. These new songs have messages of love, growth and renewal. Furthermore, her “Stars Above” tell her that these songs, they give her, are designed to entertain and educate the soul.

Jenifer, who has seven children and eleven grandchildren, has always had a longing for show business. As a child she would gather the neighborhood children together and give plays in her back yard. She never suspected that deep within her she would one day have knowledge of a hidden talent of channeling music and her dream of show business would actually happen. A minister of Metaphysics, Jenifer also teaches meditation and intuitive channeling development.

Jenifer has written and produced a variety of uplifting and entertaining musical revues. These musical revues have astonished appreciative and enthusiastic audiences. She herself is surprised at what she has accomplished, because she does not consider herself a bona fide composer or musician. Through meditation, which began in the early seventies, Whisper experienced a telepathic encounter with George Gershwin, the first of many composers to give her music. These celebrated legends want to share how they discovered that no one dies! What’s even more, they say,

“We have discovered that the love goes on! The music goes on!
We all go on, and all of you go on as well”!

Music: Excerpts from “An Act of Love” (sung by Eddie J. Lemberger), “Champagne on Ice” (sung by Eddy J. Lemberger), “Broadway Express” (sung by Roberta Zito), “New Song with New Soul” (Sung by John D.) / music and lyrics channeled by Jenifer from her “stars above”.

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