A Message from Ron Goldman


On OJ Simpson
and the View from “The Other Side”

In the courtroom O.J. Simpson, has many lawyers, Jenny, fighting for his life. They are fighting hard and unceasingly to win him a fighting chance. The hope to win that chance for O.J. goes on and on, day after day after day. But O. J. never willed Nicole and me a fighting chance. Clutching his weapon the way he would grip a football, hard and tight. He plunged that implement into Nicole and me, showing no mercy, no qualms. We never felt our killers stealthy approach. We were like two innocent lambs brought down for the kill. He slaughtered two of God’s beautiful children. A bewildered son and daughter.

The relentless waves of shock after shock that sweep the body when something like this happens is unfathomable. It is followed instantly by an utter extraordinary despair, battery, insult, injury, and rage. It is like an atrocious, vicious, act of rape to the delicately, brilliantly woven, meshed together nervous system. I tell you nothing can compare to that kind of thing! It is a brutalization and degradation of the soul as well.

In agonized surprise, we realized Nicole and I, “Oh my God is this it? Is this the way we die! The way we leave the world without so much as a goodbye to the ones we love so much or from those who dearly love us. “Oh no dear God how can this be?” All these thoughts seized our minds in one second flat. It is more than difficult to take it all in because you don’t see it coming, let alone grasp that it is really happening. It’s like a terrible nightmare. The deadliest, kind of nightmare that ever could be.

The wonderful, vital, marvelous, life-giving force we were blessed with spilled out. Out blood stained the ground red. Without it we were dead for the moment being. Our magnificent strong hearts failed to beat. Our miraculous god-given breath that we took so much for granted ceased in an instant to be, but only temporarily.

In matters of life and death, the ultimate decision belongs to God. The Author of all life. There is very serious karma (cause and effect.) when it comes to cold blooded murder, that only a deep serious sorrow can erase, paired with the deepest sincere desire to make amends. People need to be told, to be forewarned about the consequences involved, when one chooses to take someone’s life in this way.

This murder was not an act of love, but an act of hate! It is a very major, mortal, thing that can affect many ensuing lifetimes, and unless one knows how to heal by regression, you most likely have to pay for eons and eons for such a grave mistake. God is the one who gives life and takes it away. When anyone of us decides who lives and who dies, and under what circumstance, needless to say, it is an enormous heavy kind of province…is it not?

And yes there are exceptions to the rule where this does not apply, because nothing is ever cast in stone, or is so black and white it cannot be changed. Even though some will deny and pretend that this isn’t so. There are some instances when it is a very mystical and merciful thing to do when we allow a loved one, in extreme duress and suffering terribly, lets us know that they desire to make a choice. They want us to hear their preference which is to go home to their heavenly Father on the other side. Of course, it is most important to pray with our heart, our mind and even our soul what to do in any particular case. Always ask for higher wisdom for the right decision to make, then release, surrender and be open to hear the holy answer that comes your way. Sometimes the answer comes in a dream or something you read. It can even come from someone’s mouth. Words so totally filled with wisdom that let you know that yes, it is an okay thing to go with. There are so many ways God answers our prayers, and it behooves us to be divinely guided.

Oh, listen everyone! We are dealing here with the most wise, the most gentle, the most kind, unconditional, non-judging, loving, caring, understanding, compassionate, Heavenly Father anyone could ever imagine or hope to find.

What is lacking painfully today are lessons that could, should, would, be given to convey the landscape of the journey of our souls. Just because the soul cannot be seen does not mean it doesn’t exist. It is an integral aspect of our being, and for the most part it is sadly ignored and not known much about. Since coming here, Jenny, I’ve learned from a very wise teacher, that our souls are the blueprint that make the connection we have with our divine Father. It is not to be broken, disarrayed or disturbed in some kind of destructive, chaotic mayhem. Our souls have so much to teach us. Let it be taught every place and everywhere. Let the teaching of the far East be brought together with the near West for a fuller measure of meaning of all of this. One without the other falls short, falls flat. Immersed in each is a seed and a treasure that the teachings of Jesus the Christ and the Buddha contain. You put these two seeds together, and the flowering that springs forth is lovely to behold and very beautiful to comprehend. There are other teachings as well that, much like a fragrant rose blossom, add decoration and enhance. It is all designed to adorn the soul forever, blessing you so your lives can be lived in fuller measure, and with total pleasure.

Ponder, please, and meditate upon these words I share with you, I insist.

I send you Love, Light and a Kiss!

Your son, Your brother, Your friend.

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