A Message from the Spirit of Nancy Reagan

Nancy Reagan Speaking 3in by 2in

Jenifer Whisper: As I was viewing Nancy Reagan’s funeral this morning March 11, 2016 I reached for pen and paper to write down telepathically the words I was hearing from her spirit. I felt her radiance, and her utter joy. It was like a bright light shinning through and through.

Here is what the spirit of Nancy Reagan said through me today

Nancy Reagan: It comes as no surprise, I’m sure, to anyone, that my precious Ronnie, my true love was waiting for me with open arms. As he hugged me it felt like his arms wound and wound around me like a living, loving Octopus, if you will, with many appendages attached for arms. We are both so happy with our heavenly reunion. I, of course, hugged him back in an embrace that longingly and lovingly lasted and lasted. Might I say it seemed non-ending as in our eternal love for each other.

Nancy Ronald Reagan on boat

Yes, dear ones, I’m addressing all of you still there on Earth. We never lose the ones we have loved and adored. I know that for sure now. Please remember these words I’ve said, especially those of you who are longing for the reunion with your better halves. Husbands and Wives.

Yes, finally at the age of ninety two I’m with my love again. He has whispered in my ear how he can’t wait to show me off and show me around in this beautiful place he has called home for some time now.

Ron and I are both viewing my going home party on TV. Jane Sawyer just said the words I asked her to say at my funeral. Thank you Jane. Listen to those words, all of you won’t you please, because they are meant for all of us. Indeed heed them because that’s the way it is.

Ronnie and I need to get back to the work at hand now in our Father’s house. Together we are such good partners.

Sincerely, for now and love to all.

Ronnie and Nancy Reagan. 

This is Nancy Reagan’s message through Jenifer Whisper, Medium and Song Whisperer for Spirit from her “Celestial Telephone”

PS A quote from Nancy Reagan “If you can feel my vibes while reading this, you’ll know I’m still alive!”



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